Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sally Sprocket & Piston Pete (introduction)

(NOTE: comments have been re-enabled on this blog; I was getting spammed for a while, but I think it should be okay now. Sorry for the inconvenience.) ;Þ

Piston Pete is an android tinkerer traveling alone through the steampunkified Old West looking for others of his kind.Sally Sprocket was once a human child who nearly died out in the wilderness if not for Pete happening upon her when he did. Being a mechanic by trade, and an android at heart, Pete can only think to make her a cyborg and effectively adopts her.

These are the two protagonists in my upcoming original comic that I plan to publish and sell in the near future. Look for tons of updates relating to this project in the days and weeks to come.

I also put together a kind of "promo animatic" that gives you a fairly good idea what the story will be about.


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