Monday, January 12, 2009

Redesign: Orz Space Marine

Personal piece; I always loved the early 90s game Star Control II, one of the alien races was the Orz who had a unique ability in battle:

"Orz crew, encased in robotic, armored exoskeleton, can exit the ship from the aft portholes and enter an enemy ship by burning a hole in its hull. These Orz Marines then start roaming the enemy ship’s corridors, killing any enemy crew member they encounter. Especially useful in large groups, the Marines can blast a ship entirely by themselves. Any Marine aboard an enemy ship when it explodes will jet back out into space and set a return course for the Nemesis."

Unfortunately the marine only appeared as a tiny blip on the screen so I crafted a fairly quick dramatic concept piece, keeping true to the aesthetics of the Nemesis and, of course the Orz itself. When I have time, I'll try redesigns for the other races/ships as well.

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