Sunday, July 18, 2010

"The Guild Alley on Bristol Bay"

Life can be tough for a fledgling maritime guild. At one particular manmade inlet leading into Bristol proper, a series of compact office structures serve as the headquarters to any number of trade companies still getting their sea legs.

The series of archways are suitable for vessels as big as schooners to sail through. Fittingly so, as these young guilds would be fortuitous enough to have just one schooner to their name.

Access into each individual office is done in either of two ways: through the communal service tunnel along the top, or else by rowboat. While a thoroughly vexing process, the rivalrous guilds find it pleasing, as they can maintain a physical boundary with their competition (who happen to be their neighbors).

(roughly 100 hours)

Step-by-step process here.

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